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Agathe Mougin


    Agathe Mougin

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  2. my girl and me

    my girl and me

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  3. Lex. Hi 

    Lex. Hi 

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  4. The war rages on…

    I’m a 33 year old woman from a small town in central louisiana. Since before puberty, i’ve been trying to define for myself what the hell i am. I’m sexually attracted to women and to a far lesser extent, men. I’m pretty masculine, and have always felt very much like a male. I even considered transition at a point in my life, but decided that if i wasn’t 100 percent certain, that i shouldn’t do it. I have since decided that i like being a woman, just..a different sort. I’ve had two children with a best friend who now defines himself as a gay man, and at the moment i’m in a heterosexual relationship. I love my boyfriend very much..he’s the only man i’ve ever been this attracted to in my life, but i’m beginning to wonder if i’m in love with him…or if i just want to BE him. So confused.

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  5. a gay at the beach

    a gay at the beach

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  7. I’m Raven. 16. Alabama. 

    I’m Raven. 16. Alabama. 


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  9. I am making a mini documentary following a young person(-16) who identifies as LGBT.


    If you know of or are a teen under the age of 16 and identify as LGBT and you also happen to live in the NYC area please contact tumblingqueers/tumblr. We are making a documentary film featuring young LGBT children living proudly. This film will involve famous members of the LGBT community to showcase the childhoods of our community. You can also contact us at www.sweenyjosh.com follow the links to contact information and check out the BornProud section for more information on the upcoming film.

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    Submitted by: iforgottoworryandjusthadfun

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